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The MCITP boot camp approach to intellectual training, patterned after the rigorous forms of military structures, have become a very popular method of delivering an intense, yet detailed containment of information in an abbreviated period of time. If you've participated in or witnessed a physical fitness boot camp, you may have left the experience impressed with the conditioning of the group and the innumerable routines contained in the physical curriculum. Microsoft has taken the same idea and applied it to their certification product line. The computer training has been named the MCITP certification boot camps, a very fast way to earn a high level certification in several areas of high demand in the market today


Available MCITP Certification Boot Camps:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Available MCPD Certification Boot Camps:


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The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Boot Camp follows the same theory. MCITP boot camps are designed to impart powerful learning sessions in an abbreviated time frame, insulated from all exterior distractions. These concentrated MCITP boot camp sessions run the gamut of high quality instruction, hands-on laboratories based on real world situations, and many test preparation opportunities to prepare you for the certification exams you will eventually undertake. An MCITP overview of a typical Microsoft Certified IT Professional boot camp may include four or five different certifications packaged in one course, over a time span of five to seven days. The MCITP certification boot camp can involve any level of proven abilities from a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, IT Professional, Desktop Support Technician, Systems Engineer or Systems Administrator.

The MCITP Database Administrator boot camp grants the opportunity for individuals to earn two distinct certifications - the Technology Specialist SQL Server 2005 certification and the IT Professional Database Administrator certification. The MCITP Server Administrator boot camp class will prepare professionals for the Administrator certification in Windows Server 2008. The course entails two or three exams, depending on your current level of certification, and will earn you three new certifications in the areas of Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration, Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration and Server Administrator. The MCITP Enterprise Administrator boot camp class, which is provided as an upgrade course, an exam prep course, or as a combo Server and Enterprise Administrator boot camp, depending on previous earned certifications, will grant the Windows Vista Configuration certification, the Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure Configuration certification, the Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration certification, the Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration certification, and the Enterprise Administrator certification. The MCITP Windows 2008 boot camps earn the distinction of Windows 2008 Support Technician, Server Administrator and Enterprise Administrator.

MCITP boot camp reviews of accelerated learning techniques and materials, simulations, drills, exercises and practice exams have been extremely favorable, from a standpoint of professionals who have experienced the camp, as well as employers who have hired professionals that attended the camps. MCITP boot camps are a wonderful way to earn the accreditation you desire in an encapsulated environment, highly conducive to learning new material and honing your current abilities. The MCITP boot camps also re-examine and reinforce the knowledge and application of your skills to a razor sharp edge. Enhance your career by participating in an MCITP boot camp on the way to earning a new MCITP certification.


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